Installing a pond or waterfall in your backyard can sound like a lot of extra work, both in the construction and maintenance aspect, but we want you to know the many benefits this type of feature can offer.

Although it may sound like a to much of a hassle for something you won’t use often, installing one in your yard can decrease ambient temperature by 3-5 degrees Celsius, which plays a role in providing you a better and healthier micro-climate around your home. Here are some major advantages of including with with your landscaping in Red Deer:


Reduces Noise Pollution


Noise pollution in the city can be a real problem. It’s tough to escape the sounds of the road, the street, or some loud music coming from the neighborhood, or nearby commercial properties. The sounds from a flowing waterfall or a babbling fountain can counteract the unwanted noise that you can’t control. providing undeniably relaxing sound environment and helps in improving calmness, relaxation and general well-being.


Soothes Your Mind


Science has shown that there is some truth to this. It has to do with the negative ions that flowing water reintroduces into the environment. Simply put, everyday electronics such as the A/C, cell phones, laptop and everything else deplete the negative ions in the air and produce positive ions which if are in higher levels than normal lead to tiredness and a lack of energy, tension, anxiety and irritability. On the other hand, a plenitude of negatively charged ions supposedly increases serotonin levels, promotes a sense of tranquility, and alleviates depression.


Adds Value to Your Property


The textures in your yard can get a little mundane with hard or structured lines coming from your home, deck, pergola, patio, and even the grass blades. Having a flowing water feature introduces a soft and fluid texture into the mix, and therefore adds more visual interest. A well-maintained water feature grabs the attention of potential buyers and can contribute to the value they see in your property.


Supports Our Local Eco System


All living things need water to survive, which is why water attracts life. By installing moving water features you are encouraging birds and insects to your yard, thus you are helping to support life and the ecosystem and keep pesky mosquitoes away as well. Birds need water for drinking and preening, which are both necessary for their survival and overall health.


Remedies Problem Areas


Do you have any problem areas in your yard that are prone to flooding? Or maybe an area where you just can’t keep the grass looking good, no matter how much you’ve tried? Put a water feature min there and those problems vanish. And while it may seem like the pond or fountain require a huge amount of water, it’s only the initial fill that requires a lot of water; maintaining the feature actually requires less water than the lawn would that it replaced.