Red Deer is a dog-loving city, and not only we love to take good care of our furry friends, but we are proud of the fact we keep pets and people living closely together in harmony.

As a premium Red Deer landscape services provider, we are not scarce with ideas to do whatever it takes for our dogs, as they add so very much to our quality of lives. When we provide landscaping plans to our clients looking to redo their yards, we will always ask if there are pets that need to be kept in mind. Our added value is in creating a dog-friendly yard so that both you and them can be happy and healthy in your outdoor space.


Safety First in a Dog-Friendly Yard


The most important aspect of a dog-friendly yard is safety. Pet owners should consider the following when they are designing their yards with their dogs in mind. Some of the most important aspects include:


  • Provide full fencing not only keep your dog in, but to keep out others.
  • Ensure there is shade and shelter available at all times for your dog.
  • Always have water available for your pet, but avoid having standing water to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • Be careful with fertilizers. Although they are generally quite benign as compared to how they used to be, it is still a smart idea to keep your dog off the grass for about 72 hours.
  • Keep grass trimmed to help curb the appearance of fleas and ticks.


Focusing on your lawn

We all know that dogs mark their territories, and how they do it. Unfortunately, this results in damage such as yellow spots in your grass. First, dead or damaged grass will need to be removed. Then you will need the area to be prepared so that you can re-seed it. To do this, you’ll need to perform a heavy-duty raking, removing the dead grass and lifting up the top layer of soil. Once the area has been cleaned, prepped and prepared, you can then add top soil and seed.

You can also prevent yellow spots to begin with by building a designated dog run for your dog-friendly yard. This gives them a safe space of their own away from the main area of your yard to both do their business plus hang out away from everyone.

  • Choose a spot where you can see your pet at all times from inside the house, and that offers plenty of shade and protection.
  • Use chain link or fencing you can see through, so, again, you can see your dog at all times. Make sure the fence is high enough so that they can’t jump over.
  • Make sure the gate is lockable. There are pet thieves out there, so this will help keep them away from your buddy.
  • Lining your dog run with a combination of mulch (or gravel) and concrete helps keep things nice and neat.