We all know nothing beats a warm summer evening on the patio in Red Deer, so why not set up your yard to get the most enjoyment out of your outdoor space. People do wonders when they put their creativity in use and in fifth gear.


A place for gathering people

The first thing people usually think about when creating a livable space in their backyard is a fire feature. There is a very good yet simple reason for that: fire features draw people outside and keep them outside giving them a place to stay close to. You can never miss with a fire feature. Why? Well, fire features are very versatile, and you can easily find or adapt an option which best suits your desired function. From a garden fireplace or fire-pit, to a flame-filled bowl, table, or trough, you can design your outdoor space to include whichever fire feature best suits your desired look and function.

Unfortunately, it often happens that our summer season in Red Deer is much shorter than we’d like it to be, however, it should not stop us from making the most out of the summer we get in our hands. And we at expertlandscaping.ca love our summers! Thus, an outdoor kitchen is an awesome way to spend more time outside on those warm summer evenings. So, the crucial part of installing an outdoor kitchen is to plan it properly. Of course, we all want our kitchen to be visually stunning, but if it’s not functional or practical we would not use it as regularly as we would normally do.


A spot for yourself

We all crave for having a type of personal hideout, a secluded space for reading, meditating, or just simply relaxing can add an entirely new purpose to your yard. Having a place to sit privately and decompress should be a priority when designing a functional yard. To serve its right purpose it should:


  • Provide just enough seating for two
  • Plant tall thin plants and have them as a discretion screen
  • Use a pergola to create a sense of overhead enclosure
  • Include a simple water feature
  • Surround the space with lush plants
  • Build a wall to separate a small area from the rest of the garden


Think about everything you would like to do and use your imagination, there is so much with so little effort. Having a backyard easily drives our motivation to design not only beautiful but functional yards to get more people in Red Deer outside and enjoying their space during the best season of the year – summer.